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Cycling - Greenway

Saddle up and get ready to pedal through the stunning landscapes of Connemara, where the rugged beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way meets the tranquility of lakes and mountains. Cycling enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike will find Connemara to be a two-wheeled paradise. Here's a guide to some of the most captivating cycling routes in this picturesque region of Co. Galway.

Sky Road Cycling Loop

Kick off your Connemara cycling adventure with the iconic Sky Road Loop in Clifden. This 16-kilometer route treats cyclists to breathtaking views of Clifden Bay, the rugged coastline, and the Atlantic Ocean. The undulating road offers a mix of coastal panoramas and inland vistas, making it a must for those seeking both exhilarating climbs and scenic descents.

Connemara Greenway

For a more extended cycling journey, the Connemara Greenway beckons with its dedicated 51-kilometer cycling and walking route. Starting in Clifden and winding its way to Oughterard, this trail takes you through diverse landscapes, including boglands, woodlands, and along the shores of Lough Corrib. It's a fantastic way to explore the beauty of Connemara while enjoying a mix of nature and history.

Roundstone to Ballyconneely

Embark on a coastal cycling adventure from Roundstone to Ballyconneely, reveling in the raw beauty of Connemara's Atlantic shores. Along the way, you'll pass pristine beaches, including Dog's Bay and Gurteen Bay, offering opportunities to take a refreshing dip or simply soak in the coastal serenity. This route showcases the ever-changing hues of the ocean and the windswept landscapes that define Connemara.

Kylemore Abbey to Leenane

For a cycling journey that combines lakeside views and cultural landmarks, pedal from Kylemore Abbey to the charming village of Leenane. The route takes you along the shores of Pollacapall Lough, offering glimpses of the iconic abbey against a backdrop of mountains. As you approach Leenane, the tranquil waters of Killary Fjord unfold, providing a serene finale to your cycling excursion.

Maam Cross to Maam

Explore the heart of Connemara by cycling from Maam Cross to Maam, a route that showcases the region's lakes and valleys. Pedal through Maam Valley, surrounded by the Maumturk and Twelve Bens mountain ranges, and pass by shimmering lakes reflecting the surrounding peaks. This route encapsulates the rugged beauty and serene landscapes that make Connemara a cycling paradise.